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Where can I find out the cancellation policy for my RV rental agency?

Rental Cancellation Policies

Everyone knows life can get in the way at times. If you have to cancel your rental RV for some reason, what are the RV rental agency's cancellation policies? Most RV rental agencies post their cancellation policies on their Web sites. If you don't see a cancellation policy, don't assume they don't have one.

Many RV rental agencies will refund a good portion of the deposit if the RV reservation is cancelled more than 30 days before the rental, but most keep the entire deposit if you cancel your reservation within 30 days of the rental. Make sure you know your agency's policies before you make a reservation.

What services are included in my rental RV fees?

Returning Your Rental RV

After you rent an RV, you just take it back and head home, right? Not always. Check before you rent to see what your rental fees cover. Some RV rentals include services like refilling the LPG tank, washing the exterior, and dumping and sanitizing the holding tanks, while others may not. You may have to perform these services, or they may be charged at an additional rate.

You also have to make sure you return the RV in good condition, and cleaned. If it's not clean, most RV rental agencies will charge you an hourly fee to clean the RV. Most do not require you to wash linens and bedding, as they professionally clean and sanitize them after they are returned. Check out these extra services, and if your RV rental agency charges for these items or includes them in the rental fee.

What extras usually come with RV rentals?

RV Rentals

All RV rentals are not created equal, which is why you should ask questions before you invest in RV rentals. Some rentals offer extras like satellite TV and radio, DVD players and electric awnings, while others don't. If you're going on an extended vacation in an RV, these extras could become a necessity, so you should find out of your RV rental company offers them.

Does the RV rentals company offer roadside service in case something goes wrong? Do they rent the newest models, or are the motorhomes older and in need of maintenance? What kind of gas mileage to they get, and do they take gasoline or diesel fuel? Also, if there are special events in the area where you're renting, do you need to rent early in order to make sure you'll have an RV when you need it? Ask these questions before you invest in RV rentals, so your family has the best RV experience.

I don't want to drive an RV; can I still find an RV for rent?

RV for Rent – In a Park!

Some RV rental agencies specialize in placing the RV of your choice in a campground, so you don't have to worry about driving or towing a vehicle. You simply choose the model you'd like to rent, pick the park you'd like to camp in and the company will deliver the RV to the site you choose on the day you choose. You don't have to worry about packing it up and driving home when you're done, either.

If you choose a RV for rent in the off-season, most of these rental companies also offer discounted rates, as well. They usually offer a choice of several parks or campgrounds in a specific area, and you can rent by the day or week. So, if you want to rent an RV, but don't want to drive or tow it, look for these alternatives in your area.

What questions should I ask before I rent a recreational vehicle?

Before You Rent a Recreational Vehicle

Before you rent a recreational vehicle, there are some things to consider. First, will you and your family be comfortable driving a large motorhome? Does your regular auto insurance cover you in this vehicle? You should check with your insurer before you rent an RV, and you should also check with the dealer, because some RV rental agencies require you to carry their own insurance.

Does the RV rental include linens, household supplies, and such? Some RVs come fully stocked, while others require you to bring your own bedding, pots and pans and more, or rent packages that are an additional expense to the RV rental fees. Does your dealer have unlimited mileage, or are you charged by the mile in addition to the rental fees? You should ask all these questions before you decide to rent a recreational vehicle.

Why should I rent an RV before I buy?

Rent an RV Before You Buy

Many people who are in the market for an RV rent one or two before they buy, so they can compare features, comfort and other aspects of the RV experience. After you rent an RV once or twice, you'll be more familiar with what's important to you in your RV and what's not so important. You may even discover that you really don't enjoy the RV experience as much as you thought you would.

Try to rent an RV from a dealer who carries several different brands, so you can choose from two or three different models. Also, look for a dealer that may give you credit on an RV purchase if you rent from them. When you rent an RV, don't forget if you rent a large model, you may need a special license to drive it. Find out about those special needs with your rental agency before you rent an RV.

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