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What should I look for in a used RV for sale?

RV for Sale

If you are looking for a used RV for sale, there are some things to consider. First, if the coach is too old, it may need quite a bit of work to get it in tip-top camping shape. In addition, it may not have all the features and options that modern RVs offer. You should always have a used RV inspected by a professional before you buy, because he/she can spot trouble items that you might overlook. If the seller refuses, look elsewhere for your RV.

A slightly used RV can be a much better buy than a brand new model, but again, it depends on the condition. If the previous owner used the RV for off-road travel, or ran up quite a lot of mileage on the coach, it might not be such a good buy. Try to find out how the owner used it, and how long they owned it before you make the decision to buy a used RV. RVs from private owners can be a good deal, but you have to weigh your options and how much you are willing to spend if the RV has unforeseen problems.

What other factors should I consider when shopping for recreational vehicles?

How to Buy an RV

Shopping for recreational vehicles is exciting, but with so many models, it can be a little daunting as well. First, it may be tempting, but don't rush into a purchase even if the deal sounds too good to pass up. Buying an RV is a very important decision, because recreational vehicles aren't cheap, and once you buy, it's nearly impossible to change the features and size you've chosen. Take your time, look at several different models and compare options and prices.

How to buy an RV basics should always include the extras you might not think about too, such as storage costs if you can't store the RV at your home, fuel costs, insurance costs and roadside assistance plans. All of these come into play when you buy an RV, and you have to take them into account when you set your budget. If you take your time, choose the features you want, and assess your needs and budget, shopping for recreational vehicles can be a pure pleasure.

What features are the most important to you when you choose your RV?

Features in RVs

Before you buy an RV, make sure you know what features are the most important to you. Some RVs come with just the basics, while others have everything from microwaves and dishwashers to fireplaces. If you can't live without your ice maker or trash compacter at home, then you probably won't enjoy your RV experience without these items.

Sit down and make a list of the most important features you want in your RV before you go shopping, so you know what to look for and can narrow down your choices to coaches that meet all your requirements. You might also make a list of "negotiable" items that you'd like to have, but aren't deal breakers when it comes to making your choice. A little advance planning can lead to a much happier buying experience when it comes to RVs.

What should I consider when I buy recreational vehicles online?

Buying an RV Online

Many recreational vehicles are now bought and sold online, and if you deal with a reputable dealer, you shouldn't have any problems with RV online sales. However, you should check out the dealer before hand. It's a good idea to deal with a local or nearby dealer, so you can inspect the recreational vehicles before you buy. Many dealers don't recommend eBay for RV online sales, because you can't inspect the vehicle before you bid, unless it's an auction in your area.

To check out RV online sales, check with the dealer's local Better Business Bureau. Also, check out RV forums and Web sites to see if anyone has any information on your particular dealer. Usually, you can get an answer within 24 hours. Do your homework when you deal with RV online sales, and you could save money on your next RV purchase.

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