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How do I pass another vehicle in my RV?

Head light signals

Use the following signals when driving your RV:
When you are being passed and the other vehicle has gotten around you and has sufficient room to return to the lane, flash your head lights slowly a couple of times so they know they are clear. If you are passing someone, look for the same signals. Most car drivers do not use these signals, but most RV and semi-truck drivers do.

How do I drive in strong winds?

Crosswind Care

When you are driving your RV, be aware of crosswinds. Crosswinds are caused by the wind blowing against the side of the RV. Sudden crosswinds may cause the RV, especially if it is over-loaded, to suddenly swerve into another lane. If you must drive in windy conditions, be sure to reduce your speed so you have enough time to react.

How do I pass another vehicle in my RV?

Passing in an RV

When you are driving your RV there will always be an occasion when you need to pass another vehicle. Since your RV is bigger than the average car you must be careful. Make sure you have plenty of roadway to make the pass. Signal you intentions and then pull in to the passing lane. Smoothly accelerate until you are passed the other vehicle. Be very careful since it is hard to see then end of you own rig and don't want to sideswipe the other vehicle. Signal you intention to return to the lane and then smoothly pull back in. Make sure to continue on faster than the vehicle you just passed.

How can I increase visibility in my RV?

Use your mirrors

Seeing every corner of your RV can be a real challenge. To increase visibility, go to an auto parts store and get some stick on bubble mirrors. These are available in sizes from two to six inches and give you a wide-angle view for increased visibility.

How can I drive my RV safer?

Stay in your lane

To make sure you stay in your lane while driving follow this simple tip; look in your drives side rear view bubble mirror and spot down the length of the coach. You should be able to see the entire length of the coach and the highway lane markers. This will give you an idea of where you are in the lane.

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