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What should I know about RV propane appliances?

RV Propane Appliances

Many people pick RV propane appliances because propane is readily available, it burns cleanly and most RV manufacturers offer propane appliances in their coaches. Cooking with propane is also easier to regulate and control and it heats up immediately, unlike electric burners.

When you use your propane stove or oven, make sure to open a window in the coach, and turn on the overhead range hood fan. Make sure you don't transport propane cylinders inside your RV, and don't use portable propane stoves, lanterns, barbecues, etc. inside the coach. If you smell gas, get everyone out of the coach immediately, and turn off the supply valve on the exterior propane tanks.

How can I make more counter space with RV kitchen appliances?

RV Kitchen Appliances

Don't have enough room on your kitchen counters for all your RV kitchen appliances? Save space by installing space-saver appliances that hang underneath your kitchen cabinets. You can find coffeemakers, can openers and many other appliances that fit in this category to help open up your counter work space. You can also buy extensions and sink covers to give you more prep room when you're cooking.

Try to find smaller RV kitchen appliances if you can, that are more geared to the smaller storage areas of the RV. Also, if you're going to be storing your RV for a while, purchase latches that will hold refrigerator and freezer doors open, allowing air to circulate, so you don't develop mold and odors. Be sure to remove all your food items from your cupboards as well!

Can I really get a portable ice maker for my RV that saves water?

Ice Makers for the RV

If you tailgate a lot, you probably go through quite a bit of ice in your RV. Portable ice makers make great appliances for RV travel, but they use a lot of water, and if you're dry camping, that's not so good. However, there are models available that can create up to 20 pounds of ice a day, and do it with under three gallons of water!

These energy-efficient appliances for RV enthusiasts will make you the hit of the game, and ensure you never have to carry heavy bags of ice again. These models are portable, but can be installed just about anywhere in your RV, as long as you have access to a water line.

What should I look for when I add RV appliances?

RV Appliances

RV appliances aren't what they used to be. Today, you can find RVs with full-size refrigerators, dishwashers, and even ice makers. You can also add appliances to your RV after you buy, with many after-market appliances that are available made specifically for RVs. Look for appliances with door latches, interior bars, and other RV specific accessories to help keep your food and pantry items safe and secure.

Also look for RV appliances that offer space-saving alternatives, like portable dishwashers you can store away when you aren't using them. Since space is tight in most RV kitchens, look for appliances that do double duty, like a combination microwave/convection oven or toaster/convection oven that can bake and warm foods quickly and easily.

What should I look for in used RV appliances?

Used RV Appliances

If you have an older RV, you may not be able to find new replacements for many of your appliances and other maintenance items. Used RV appliances may be your only option in this case. Be sure to buy from a reputable dealer who offers a guarantee on all merchandise, and has tested and/or refurbished the merchandise.

Buying used RV appliances from private parties can be trickier, because you don't know the condition of the appliance, and usually there are no guarantees from private parties. Used RV appliances should run about half the cost of new appliances, depending on the size and condition of the appliances. That means you may be able to upgrade your current RV appliances and still save money.

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