Before You Rent a Recreational Vehicle

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What questions should I ask before I rent a recreational vehicle?

Before You Rent a Recreational Vehicle

Before you rent a recreational vehicle, there are some things to consider. First, will you and your family be comfortable driving a large motorhome? Does your regular auto insurance cover you in this vehicle? You should check with your insurer before you rent an RV, and you should also check with the dealer, because some RV rental agencies require you to carry their own insurance.

Does the RV rental include linens, household supplies, and such? Some RVs come fully stocked, while others require you to bring your own bedding, pots and pans and more, or rent packages that are an additional expense to the RV rental fees. Does your dealer have unlimited mileage, or are you charged by the mile in addition to the rental fees? You should ask all these questions before you decide to rent a recreational vehicle.



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