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Still more reputable brands for lightweight travel trailers?

Lightweight travel trailers Part III

The Captiva Ultra Lite is a Coachmen travel trailer with small pickup or SUV tow capability and smart storage solutions. It has 78 inch ceilings, aluminum frame construction, and an attractive floor plan.

Among Jayco travel trailers the favorite is the Jay Feather line: the EXP, LGT, Baja, and Sport. Jay Feather is America's number one selling ultra lightweight travel trailer. From 16 to 30 feet in length, Jayco builds quality light models and has a reputation for exemplary customer service.

There are many travel trailer manufacturers and too many lightweight travel trailers on the market to mention, but this sample of quality lightweights will get you on your way to your newest adventure! Visit your RV center for more information on new and used travel trailers.

Why buy an Airstream?

Airstream: An American Icon!

If you've seen a rounded, silver, aircraft-inspired aluminum travel trailer rolling down the highway, you've seen an Airstream travel trailer. Airstreams are famous for their streamlined design and light construction. Airstream has been around for more than 75 years, and the Airstream reputation is synonymous with reliability and style. Some call Airstream travel trailers an American icon. Regardless of model or series: the chassis, running gear, and body design are classic and standard.

Airstream offers five travel trailers including the Basecamp (lightweight, multi-purpose hybrid tent-trailer), Safari Line (made since the 1930s and has a functional design), International Line (sleek exterior and high-design interior), Classic Line (a timeless legend), and the Design Within Reach model (a 2008 model with a classic modern feel and a multi-purpose design).

Why consider a fifth wheel?

Fifth-Wheel ravel Trailers

A fifth wheel travel trailer is hitched in the bed of a medium duty truck. A new fifth wheel travel trailer offers luxury with a lower price than most newer motorhomes (that includes tow vehicle!). The fifth wheel uses a pin and jaw hitch and features a split-level floor plan that extends over the tow vehicle. If you like more living space and tons of storage, a fifth wheel is for you! One bonus of owning a fifth wheel trailer is the overhang. It makes a great outdoor storage area for bikes, chairs, and outdoor toys. There is even a hanging closet attachment accessory available at RV parts and accessories stores!

Are there more reputable brands for lightweight travel trailers?

Lightweight travel trailers Part II

Dutchmen and Keystone RV manufacturers are part of Thor industries and both sell lightweight travel trailers. The most recommended light Keystone travel trailer is the Zeppelin. It is a small travel trailer and is designed to be towed by minivans, SUVs, v-8s and small trucks. The Zeppelin offers a variety of features and floor plans that mimic high end motorhome and fifth wheel models but the price is very reasonable. Light Dutchmen travel trailers are easy to tow, have a variety of floor plans (choose between non-slide and small slide), and are affordable. Base weights start at 4,200 pounds and come loaded with the standard features found in larger travel trailers. Dutchman also makes Aerolite, the original aluminum framed lightweight travel trailer, at under 3,500 pounds. The Aerolite offers spacious living and expanded storage.

What are some reputable brands for lightweight travel trailers?

Lightweight travel trailers Part I

If you are shopping for new or used travel trailers, there are a number of brands to shop. Casita Enterprises makes a two piece molded fiberglass travel trailer. Casita travel trailers are light and easy to maintain. Their lightweight travel trailers come in 13ft (very light), 16ft (versatile space), and 17ft (luxury) lengths.

Fleetwood travel trailers feature lightweight aluminum framed sidewalls. Fleetwood has three SUV towable models: the Pegasus, Pioneer, and Orbit Hybrid. The light models have aluminum framed ceiling and sidewalls and are easy to clean; with laminated sidewalls, front, rear, and floor.

Rockwood travel trailers come in the Signature Ultra Lite and Ultra Lite lines. Both boast superior construction, lightweight frame, and strength. The Signature models are eight feet wide and have a slide-out.

Why are vintage travel trailers so popular?

Go in style with a vintage travel trailer!

Vintage travel trailers are in vogue and it's not hard to find enthusiasts. If you ask a fan of vintage travel trailers why they are so special, you will learn that they have a unique look and quality construction. They are traditionally made with real wood and inexpensive to maintain. The value of a vintage increases much like a vintage car. Airstream trailers are popular and the style is purely retro but with all the modern conveniences when you buy new. Teardrop trailers are also part of the vintage craze. In the small travel trailer market, a teardrop is the lightest and can be towed by a car! If you like vintage and want to buy a used travel trailer, remember to use reliable replacement parts and accessories from a trusted dealer. For new travel trailers with an old-time feel, read product reviews and go to your RV center for advice.

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