RV Rentals

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What extras usually come with RV rentals?

RV Rentals

All RV rentals are not created equal, which is why you should ask questions before you invest in RV rentals. Some rentals offer extras like satellite TV and radio, DVD players and electric awnings, while others don't. If you're going on an extended vacation in an RV, these extras could become a necessity, so you should find out of your RV rental company offers them.

Does the RV rentals company offer roadside service in case something goes wrong? Do they rent the newest models, or are the motorhomes older and in need of maintenance? What kind of gas mileage to they get, and do they take gasoline or diesel fuel? Also, if there are special events in the area where you're renting, do you need to rent early in order to make sure you'll have an RV when you need it? Ask these questions before you invest in RV rentals, so your family has the best RV experience.



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