Rent an RV Before You Buy

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Why should I rent an RV before I buy?

Rent an RV Before You Buy

Many people who are in the market for an RV rent one or two before they buy, so they can compare features, comfort and other aspects of the RV experience. After you rent an RV once or twice, you'll be more familiar with what's important to you in your RV and what's not so important. You may even discover that you really don't enjoy the RV experience as much as you thought you would.

Try to rent an RV from a dealer who carries several different brands, so you can choose from two or three different models. Also, look for a dealer that may give you credit on an RV purchase if you rent from them. When you rent an RV, don't forget if you rent a large model, you may need a special license to drive it. Find out about those special needs with your rental agency before you rent an RV.



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