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What are ultra light toy haulers?

The Ultra Light 5th Wheel Toy Hauler

One of the problems with toy haulers is that they tend to get pretty heavy with all your gear on board, which means you need a pretty beefy tow vehicle to get your 5th wheel toy hauler where you're headed. Some manufacturers have solved that problem by creating the ultra light toy hauler. These toy haulers are created with ultra light materials and design, so they are easier to tow, even loaded.

Ultra light 5th wheel toy haulers are easier to hitch up too, usually one person can do it easily. Some ultra light toy haulers save on weight by incorporating a pop-up, lightweight sleeping area with an outdoor platform to haul your toys. These are extremely lightweight and flexible, and offer extra sleeping options for big families or guests. The pop-ups fold away when you travel, saving on space and weight.

Should I buy a used 5th wheel trailer on eBay?

Used 5th Wheel Trailers

It makes a lot of fiscal sense to buy used 5th wheel trailers instead of new models. You can save a lot by purchasing used and you can still find all the features you're looking for by shopping online. One word of caution. If you're buying from a private party, make sure you get a written agreement before you buy. Ask how much they used the 5th wheel trailer and why they're getting rid of it, too.

Also, avoid any used 5th wheel trailers that have sat unused for more than a year. Models that sit this long can suffer from a variety of structural and component problems, from dry rot in the upholstery to wood rot, leaking ceilings and more. If you buy from a reputable local or national dealer, you should avoid most of these problems. Most dealers recommend staying away from eBay sales, since you usually can't inspect the 5th wheel before bidding.

What should I look for in a used toy hauler?

Looking for a Used Toy Hauler

Toy haulers are so popular now that it's difficult to find a used toy hauler in some areas. Luckily, you can shop online to find the best deal on a used toy hauler. You can shop toy haulers from across the nation to find the one that's right for you. You can also get a much better idea of how much the model you're interested in costs used.

Make sure you do a thorough inspection of the toy hauler before you purchase it. You should look at the brakes, tires, shocks, suspension, hoses, belts, seals, and batteries, along with the interior condition of the toy hauler and the amenities, like the appliances and cabinetry. Also, be sure to get a warranty or written agreement when you buy a used toy hauler, in case there are any hidden defects. Inspection and written agreements are a must, so don't buy without either of these necessities.

What are the advantages of 5th wheel trailers over standard travel trailers?

Advantages of 5th Wheel Trailers

Fifth-wheel trailers have several advantages over standard travel trailers. Because they connect to the bed of the tow vehicle, they offer more room in their design and layout. The area that connects to the bed of the truck is raised from the rest of the floorplan, offering more room for sleeping and a more open floorplan, as well. Most 5th wheel trailers offer more storage space because of this raised area, too, and they usually have bigger storage areas for fresh and waste water.

In addition, 5th wheel trailers are easier to hitch and unhitch, most of them only require one person to do the job. 5th wheel trailers are substantially more stable than traditional travel trailers, because of the truck bed hitch system that keeps the trailer steady on the road without the worry of jackknifing. 5th wheels usually have a higher ceiling with more headroom, as well, so 5th wheel trailers make more sense for a variety of reasons.

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