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Discount RV furniture may be available at your local dealer.

Discount RV Furniture

You can easily find discount RV furniture these days; in fact, there are some used furniture dealers that specialize in used RV furniture. If you want to save money, ask if your manufacturer offers a furniture package, allowing you to upgrade all your pieces at once, at a cost savings to you. If you order a package, you'll know the colors and fabrics will all match, as well.

Discount RV furniture may be available at your local dealer, as well. They may have furniture from salvaged RVs and they may offer replacement furniture direct from your RV's manufacturer. You may be able to use regular, off the floor furniture from a furniture store as well, as long as you can attach a RV base to the furniture to prevent it from moving when you drive.

What options can I get with my RV furniture seating?

Options for RV Furniture

If you're ready to upgrade your RV furniture, take a look at some of the options available in seating before you make your choice. Most of these options can be added to your seats when you order, so decide what you want before you're ready to order.

  • Lumbar support. This support for the lower back is crucial if you suffer from back problems, and it will help support your back and make driving and riding much more comfortable.
  • Heated seats. If you travel in the wintertime, or are a full-time RVer, these seats can be an absolute life saver on a cold, icy morning.
  • Massage. You can get massage chairs with both seat and back massage, for the comfort of a spa on the open road.
Check with your dealer to find out what options are available. These may sound like options you don't need, but once you've experienced them, you'll never go back to standard seating again!

Can I order custom RV furniture for my RV?

Custom RV Furniture

If your RV has some non-standard sized furniture, you may have to order custom RV furniture when it comes time to replace your chairs, tables and seats. Luckily, there are many companies that can create non-standard, custom RV furniture. You take the measurements, select your colors and fabrics and the company will create your custom furniture and ship it to your door.

Before you order custom RV furniture, however, check with your dealer to make sure it's what you really need. Many RV furniture manufacturers create furniture lines in different styles and sizes, so you may be able to order furniture from your dealer that will fit your needs, and save you the higher costs of custom RV furniture designs.

What makes Flexsteel RV furniture so special?

Flexsteel RV Furniture

Flexsteel RV furniture is made by one of the most trusted names in RV furniture. Flexsteel offers a wide variety of furniture for RVs, travel trailers, 5th wheels and you can also order custom furniture from them. They also offer a limited lifetime warranty on their frames and seat springs.

Flexsteel RV furniture is high-quality, which is why so many dealers carry this furniture almost exclusively. They offer excellent construction methods, another reason they can offer such a good guarantee. They make styles of sofas, recliners, captain's chairs and sofa beds so you will always be able to find the right style and color for your RV.

How do I install RV replacement furniture when it won't fit through the door?

RV Replacement Furniture

Before you get too excited about RV replacement furniture, get an idea of how you're going to get that new furniture inside your coach! Most RV doors aren't wide enough to accommodate a large sofa or chair, so how do you manage? Some installers have to take off the driver's side door, frame, and even seat to get the furniture inside the coach. Some installers even report they've had to take out windshields in order to do replacements!

If your furniture won't fit through the door, it's best to have a professional installer install it, so you can avoid any problems. Much RV furniture is installed in the coach before the slides or sides are completely done, so RV replacement furniture can turn into a nightmare if you don't think about installation first.

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