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How can I volunteer my time?

Make a Difference

You can make a difference in the world by volunteering your time to different groups. RVers are in demand as volunters because we have the ability to go where help is needed most. Lots of groups, like Habitat for Humanity, even have a program called "RV Care-A-Vanners" that travel to build sites and donate their time and energy!

How can I save money on RV equipment?

Save Money

Camping World's President Club saves you 10% off RV supplies and equipment. Plus as a President Club member you get 10% discount on the Passport America 50% Discount Camping Card which saves you 50% on RV Campsites all across America. Great savings.

How can I save money Rving

Join a Club

Clubs and associations can give you many benefits. The Passport America club cuts your camping expenses in half. It is the original 50% discount camping club in the RV Industry. Reliable and offers various services. FMCA is also another great club for Motorhome owners.

What is an Internet Club or News Group

Find Other RV'ers Online

Internet Clubs and Newsgroups are a great way to trade RV information and keep up with other travelers. is the whats happening in the RV industry- chat & message boards. They let you know whats going on in RV parks such as fun activities and special events. under rv search also provides valuable information from other RV'ers. You can type in your RV subject of interest and see what other RV'ers have to say.

Where do I find emergency road service providers for RVs?

Emergency Road Service for RVs

Changing a flat tire on an RV is not exactly the same as on the family sedan. The sheer weight of the vehicle makes the chore much more challenging. Towing an RV also requires a larger tow vehicle and special skills to avoid damaging the on-board systems. Not only do you have to worry about the engine and the chassis, you must consider the systems that are part of the housing section. One pull in the wrong direction can burst a water hose or puncture a holding tank. Signing up with an emergency road service that handles RVs is the best way to protect your home on wheels and preserve your peace of mind..

Good Sam

That same company that helps you find a place to camp for the night also offers RV Roadside Assistance. They cover issues such as lockouts, jump starts, flat tires, emergency gas service and towing. Depending on the plan you can also cover your car, motorcycle and/or truck. Some plans include services of a roadside mechanic, cover leased RV and offer other discounts.


This iconic road service company with the familiar blue and yellow trucks also offers coverage on RVs. Rules vary among the states, but generally to get the RV coverage you must sign up for the Premier or Plus RV service. Coverage is similar to some of the Good Sam plans. AAA also offers travel agency service and vehicle insurance coverage. Check with your home state for details. AAA cards are also honored in Canada at shops that accept CAA, the Canadian equivalent. British Columbia has its own sub-label, BCAA.

To find other sources of RV emergency road service, ask the dealership where you bought your RV or check with your current auto insurance firm to see if they provide coverage.

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