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How do I clean my refrigerator?

Preventative Maintenance

Over time the burner compartment of your RVs refrigerator can become quite dirty. This is due to its location on the outside of the RV, exposed to the elements. For peak efficiency, this compartment should be cleaned regularly. To clean it, first open the cover on the outside of the RV. Before doing anything, take a good look. Is anything wrong? Are any wires chewed by rodents? Have any creatures taken up residence? If they have, you need to fix these items. Otherwise, a general cleaning is easy. (Before doing any maintenance, make sure the both propane and Electricity are OFF) The first thing you will want to do is to clean the compartment cover. Make sure the vents are free of debris; this will assure maximum air flow for proper combustion while running on propane. Next remove any loose material from the compartment. This can be done with a small hand broom or compressed air. Finally, follow you owner's manual and find the burner orifice. Blow this area out with compressed air. I was amazed at how much junk came out when I did this. Now you can reinstall any access covers and enjoy a nice cold beverage from the fridge.

How can I get extra storage space in my RV?

Extra Storage

One way to add extra storage in your RV is to visit the closet section of your local hardware store. We measured the extra wall space in our RV and headed off to Home Depot. There we found a large assortment of wire organizers for closets. These are lightweight shelves and many of them are built with lips to keep items from slipping out.

How can I control rodents around my RV?

Rodent Control

To keep rodents out of your rig here are a few things you can do:
The mothballs or peppermint (extract will work best) may work as a deterrent.
Completely sealing the underside will keep them out of the unit (they want to be warm and dry too!).
You can fill any openings in the under-carriage with steel wool. They will stay away from that also.
1/4 inch wire mesh will keep rodents out, but be careful about covering any appliance vents or openings as these are designed to let in a specific air or vent a certain amount of exhaust.
Make the area uninviting to them by removing weeds or tall grass from under the rig and keep trash containers tightly sealed.

How do I set up my RV awning?


When setting up the awning on your RV make sure to keep one end lower than the other. This will let any water that accumulates run off. Even if it is not raining you can still get water build up from morning dew or condensation drip from your roof AC.

How to I take care of my refrigerator?

Keep it Level

In order for your refrigerator to work correctly it must be level. Set a bubble level inside the refrigerator and level the rig to that bubble. If you constantly run the fridge with it off-level, damage can result. The unit will be ok while you drive because of the constant swaying of your RV.

How do I clean my refrigerator?

Cleaning Tips

To keep your refrigerator clean and smelling good between uses, remove any food from it. Wipe the inside down with warm water and baking soda. Allow it to dry. Always store the RV with the refrigerator and freezer doors propped open to prevent mildew.

How do I save space in my RV refrigerator?

Conserve Space

Use square (or rectangle) storage containers in your RV refrigerator. They use less room than round containers do.

How do I care for my RV awning

More Awning Set-up

Don't leave you awning out when you leave the RV unattended. It doesn't take much wind for the fabric to be torn to shreds. Even if the day is calm, it is a good idea to roll it up when you go away, just to be safe.

How can I recycle and save room in my RV?

Recycle and Store

After you go to the grocery store save all the plastic bags. Stuff them in an empty tissue box and you have a handy dispenser. Use them for garbage or to hold recyclables.

How can I secure things in my RV?


Use Velcro(r) to secure items during travel. Velcro comes in strips or pre-cut tabs, usually with a sticky backing. Use it to keep doors closed, appliances on the counter or whatever else may need to be kept still.

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