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What do I check when I am buying an RV?

Water Systems Check

Make sure to check the entire water system before buying an RV. Fill the on board fresh water tank and check for leaks from the fill hose and tank. Close all the faucets and turn on the water pump. If the pump cycles after its initial run (it should run a little at first while it pressurizes the system) that indicates a leak in a supply line. Run every faucet one at a time to make sure there is adequate water delivery. Make sure to check that the showerhead shut off valve works. After you shut off the faucet, make sure the water pump stops. Check under the sink for any leaks in the drains. Fill the waste tanks and check for leaks. Dump the tanks and make sure that the valves work smoothly and that there are no leaks.

How do I know if I am paying too much for my RV?

Check the Blue Book

Before buying a rig, check the Blue Book Value. Make sure you have a complete list of any options (like generator or awning) that the rig has when you get the value.

What do I do when I buy my RV?

Pre-delivery Inspection

Before you drive off in your new RV make sure the seller gives you a thorough walk thru of the rig. The seller should show you how everything works from draining the tanks to converting the sofa. Take a video camera and record how everything works. Make sure to look at the tape before you first trip out.

What do I check when I am buying an RV?

Tire Inspection

Before buying that RV you have your eye on make sure to inspect the tires. Don't kick them, it won't tell you anything and only hurts your foot!
Check the tires for uneven wear (like the inside edge of the tire having less tread then the outside edge. This indicates an alignment problem. Check for cupping of the tread. This indicates an alignment or shock problem. Check the sidewalls for cracks or splits, this indicates sever weather checking. Check the valve-stems for cracks. Check any valve stem extenders for wear. Make sure to get down and check the inside of the rear dually tires.

Where can I rent an RV?

What is Included?

Before settling on a company to rent an RV from, make sure to see what's included. Ask about cleaning deposits, fuel policies, waste tank dumping and what you would do if the rig breaks down.

What do I check when I am buying an RV?

Inspect for Water Damage

When looking at an RV to purchase (mainly a used one) make sure to check for water damage. Water damage is caused by water seeping into the RV from any opening in the exterior. Check around roof vents and air conditioner units, check around all windowsills and wall joints. Look for water stains on the walls or roof. Gently push on the walls/roof around openings and joints to feel for any 'squishy' areas. If you find any this is an indication of wood rot. Also check for a musty or mildew type of smell. A damp area hidden behind a wall or the roof can cause these types of smells.

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