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What kind of yearly maintenance should I do on RV roof air conditioners?

RV Roof Air Conditioners

To keep RV roof air conditioners in top form, you should perform some maintenance every year before you use your RV again.

  • Filters. Change the filters for new ones. If they're not that dirty, you can wash them and use them again, but your best bet is a new filter every season.
  • Condenser fins. Look for crushed condenser fins and carefully straighten them out. Gently clean out any bugs, leaves, or other debris in the condenser fins. Consider putting a grill on your air conditioner to avoid these problems.
  • Shroud. Inspect the shroud and the mount. If the shroud is damaged in any way, replace it or it could come loose and fall off the roof of your RV.
  • Test. Test the air conditioner before you leave home to make sure all the fans and parts are working correctly.
RV roof air conditioners need to be maintained correctly to ensure years of service, so a few minutes of inspection and maintenance each year is a small price to pay for cool comfort all season long.

Can I find RV tankless water heaters?

RV Tankless Water Heaters

RV tankless water heaters can provide hot water for the entire family in just minutes. No more waiting for the small water tank to heat up again and again; these compact units offer hot water instantly. You only have to attach a cold water line, and they plug into your campsite electrical power for energy (it runs on 120 volts).

The only thing you have to remember is that all your faucets, showerheads and aerators must be low-flow. Most companies supply a low-flow aerator with their RV tankless water heaters. These RV tankless water heaters really make sense for big families or full-time RVers that use dishwashers and washers as well.

Can I find an RV furnace that saves space, too?

Replace Your RV Furnace

If you have to replace your RV furnace, don't despair. There are many replacement models available and some are much more energy-efficient than ever before. Some offer a premixed gas/air combo that means more energy-efficiency and a better use of gas by wasting less, thereby improving performance.

RV furnaces are available in low-profile models as well, in case space is a concern when you replace your RV furnace. These low-profile models will even fit in many RV basements, which allows you to service them from outside, rather than inside the coach. Never try to replace an RV furnace yourself, it must be done by a qualified RV technician.

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