Returning Your Rental RV

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What services are included in my rental RV fees?

Returning Your Rental RV

After you rent an RV, you just take it back and head home, right? Not always. Check before you rent to see what your rental fees cover. Some RV rentals include services like refilling the LPG tank, washing the exterior, and dumping and sanitizing the holding tanks, while others may not. You may have to perform these services, or they may be charged at an additional rate.

You also have to make sure you return the RV in good condition, and cleaned. If it's not clean, most RV rental agencies will charge you an hourly fee to clean the RV. Most do not require you to wash linens and bedding, as they professionally clean and sanitize them after they are returned. Check out these extra services, and if your RV rental agency charges for these items or includes them in the rental fee.



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