RV Kitchen Appliances

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How can I make more counter space with RV kitchen appliances?

RV Kitchen Appliances

Don't have enough room on your kitchen counters for all your RV kitchen appliances? Save space by installing space-saver appliances that hang underneath your kitchen cabinets. You can find coffeemakers, can openers and many other appliances that fit in this category to help open up your counter work space. You can also buy extensions and sink covers to give you more prep room when you're cooking.

Try to find smaller RV kitchen appliances if you can, that are more geared to the smaller storage areas of the RV. Also, if you're going to be storing your RV for a while, purchase latches that will hold refrigerator and freezer doors open, allowing air to circulate, so you don't develop mold and odors. Be sure to remove all your food items from your cupboards as well!



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