RV Propane Appliances

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What should I know about RV propane appliances?

RV Propane Appliances

Many people pick RV propane appliances because propane is readily available, it burns cleanly and most RV manufacturers offer propane appliances in their coaches. Cooking with propane is also easier to regulate and control and it heats up immediately, unlike electric burners.

When you use your propane stove or oven, make sure to open a window in the coach, and turn on the overhead range hood fan. Make sure you don't transport propane cylinders inside your RV, and don't use portable propane stoves, lanterns, barbecues, etc. inside the coach. If you smell gas, get everyone out of the coach immediately, and turn off the supply valve on the exterior propane tanks.



11/28/2008 8:19:56 PM
JIMMY said:

I have a propane refrigerator in my motor home that works very well when I have it on gas.

But when I put it on electric it does not perform very well.

Why would this be?



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