Crosswind Care

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How do I drive in strong winds?

Crosswind Care

When you are driving your RV, be aware of crosswinds. Crosswinds are caused by the wind blowing against the side of the RV. Sudden crosswinds may cause the RV, especially if it is over-loaded, to suddenly swerve into another lane. If you must drive in windy conditions, be sure to reduce your speed so you have enough time to react.



9/27/2006 4:54:02 PM
Leon Eaves said:

I just took delivery of my new Excel. I have been very surprised about its behavior on the interstate. It jumps around all over the place, even with no wind. Being passed by a truck almost causes a panic mode of driving. It's all I can do to keep it on the road. Ford says it's working correctly. I have pressurized the air bags in steps up to 80 psi. Maybe a little help. Will any addition help?


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