Waste Tank Hold Down Repair

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How do I reattach an RV waste tank?

Waste Tank Hold Down Repair

I looked under my RV the other day and was surprised to see how flimsy the hold-downs from my waste tanks were. Running under the length of the tanks were 3/4" square tubing. This tubing was attached to the RV chassis with just a thin metal strap. It occurred to me that it wouldn't take much for this to come apart. My solution was to get some 'plumbers tape' (this is the thin metal with holes in it that is in a roll) to store for use in emergencies. If needed, this could be used to reattach a tank strap that has come loose. It could also be used for other repairs as well. It would probably work to re-secure a muffler that has come loose. It is strong and can easily be doubled over for more thickness.



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