Fixing a Leaky Heater Core

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How do I fix a coolant leak in my RV?

Fixing a Leaky Heater Core

If you notice coolant dripping in the cab of the RV, usually on the passenger side, you probably have a heater core leak. The heater core is like a small radiator. Engine coolant is circulated through it and the heat is used to warm the cab. To stop the leak until the heater core can be repaired, follow these steps:
1. Disconnect the battery and let the engine cool.
2. Locate the heater hoses. These are usually 3/4" rubber hoses passing through the firewall and ending at the engine block or water heater. (DO NOT CONFUSE THESE WITH THE STIFFER AIR CONDITIONING HOSES THAT GO TO THE AC COMPRESSOR!!!)
3. Locate the engine sides of both hoses and disconnect.
4. Using one of the hoses, by pass the heater core by connecting from one outlet on the engine to the other directly.
5. Refill the coolant and check for leaks

By doing this you have simply by passed the heater core and the coolant goes out of the engine and then right back in. You will have no cab heat, but you will be able to get to a shop for repairs.



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