Fixing a Gas Tank Leak

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How do I fix a gas leak in my RV or car?

Fixing a Gas Tank Leak

One of the most dangerous things that can happen while you are traveling is to have your gas tank spring a leak. Sometimes this can happen if road debris hit the tank or, more often, the RV gets bottomed out and a small hole is scraped into the tank. Not only do you have a mess on your hands, but you also have a flammable liquid dripping from your RV.
One quick way to fix such a minor leak is to take a bar of hand soap and rub it over the hole. The soap will react with the gasoline and form a kind of cement. Of course this is a temporary fix, but it should help you get to a service station.



5/20/2007 8:17:50 PM
Francisco said:

Ihave just tryed the hand soap on my rv gas tank, and I think it works very good, for a temporary patch.
Thanks for the tip.


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