Changing the Oil

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How do I care for my generator?

Changing the Oil

Your RV generator requires maintenance just like any engine. One of the tasks you must perform is to change the oil. You should refer to your owner's manual for exact procedures, but general you can follow these steps:
1. Run the generator to bring it to operating temperature.
2. Locate the oil fill cap and remove it.
3. Locate the oil drain/valve and remove/open it. Make sure to collect the oil in a suitable container and dispose of it properly.
4. After the oil is done draining, reinstall the oil drain/valve and reinstall/close it.
5. Locate the oil filter and remove it. (Remember to put a container or some disposable rags down to catch any drips. Dispose of the oil filter properly.)
6. Put a light film of oil on the new oil filter gasket and install it. Usually turning the filter and additional 1/2 turn after the gasket touches the base is sufficient, but check you owner's manual for exact specs.
7. Add oil to the full level on the dipstick. Start the generator and check for leaks.



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