Preventative Maintenance

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How do I clean my refrigerator?

Preventative Maintenance

Over time the burner compartment of your RVs refrigerator can become quite dirty. This is due to its location on the outside of the RV, exposed to the elements. For peak efficiency, this compartment should be cleaned regularly. To clean it, first open the cover on the outside of the RV. Before doing anything, take a good look. Is anything wrong? Are any wires chewed by rodents? Have any creatures taken up residence? If they have, you need to fix these items. Otherwise, a general cleaning is easy. (Before doing any maintenance, make sure the both propane and Electricity are OFF) The first thing you will want to do is to clean the compartment cover. Make sure the vents are free of debris; this will assure maximum air flow for proper combustion while running on propane. Next remove any loose material from the compartment. This can be done with a small hand broom or compressed air. Finally, follow you owner's manual and find the burner orifice. Blow this area out with compressed air. I was amazed at how much junk came out when I did this. Now you can reinstall any access covers and enjoy a nice cold beverage from the fridge.



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