Decrease in Gas Mileage

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What can I do about poor gas mileage?

Decrease in Gas Mileage

If you notice a decrease in gas mileage there are several things you can do. The first is to check is the air filter. This is probably the easiest thing and can give dramatic results. Each coach has a different design so I won't go into to how to change it. But remember, your rig operates under the Severe Service category of your operator's manual, so maintenance should be done accordingly. Also, you cannot tell the condition of the air filter by holding it up to a light. This used to work OK on the old circular filters, but with the new panel type it doesn't. Do not 'blow out' the air cleaner in an attempt to extend its life. This can tear tiny holes in the filter material rendering it useless. Try tapping it squarely or dropping straight down to get loose material off. This does nothing to remove the embedded particles, but will help some.



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