Choosing the Right Used RV - Part I

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How do I choose the right used RV?

Choosing the Right Used RV - Part I

When you go to your RV dealer or find someone with a used RV for sale, have an inspection checklist. There are many components that make an RV functional and you'll want to make sure they all work.

  • Inspect the appliances and mechanical equipment of the RV.
  • Check out the refrigerator, stove, microwave, water pump, awning, heater, air conditioner, and slide out.
  • Look inside closets and cabinets. Are they clean?
  • Is there evidence of water damage (warping, bubbling, mold, mildew) or creeping critters?
  • If there is rodent or insect trouble, you could be looking at damaged fabric, wires, and wood.
  • Look at the floors and ceiling for water damage, mold and mildew. Any type of discoloration hints to water damage.
  • How does the unit smell?
  • If the unit is a pop-up or hybrid model, inspect the tent ends for damage to the canvas.
  • Inspect the outside for rust, dents, and frame damage.
  • Don't forget to look inside storage areas.
Don't rule out a unit if one of these items isn't functioning. Your used RV dealer may want to offer a replacement to keep you in the market. After you've given the unit the complete once-over and the unit is in decent shape, it should mirror Kelley Blue Book value for used RV prices. Buying a used RV can be tricky, but with this checklist you'll be sure to find a winner!



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