Ventilation is Important for Protect Your Ceiling

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How do I repair damage to my RV ceiling?

Ventilation is Important for Protect Your Ceiling

The most common problems with RV ceilings are mold, mildew, and warping. Mold and mildew can occur any time there is water accumulation or high water use, as in your RV bathroom. Be sure to inspect any water marks on the ceiling, especially around roof vents.

If your vent flanges and air conditioner shrouds look discolored, you may be facing a leak or dry rot. Dry rot can be treated with an anti-mold and -fungal solution, like Concrobium Mold Control. If you have a shower in your RV and use it frequently, be sure to use your ceiling fan for ventilation. You may want to add a fan to any area that is poorly ventilated. Ceilings can be replaced by some RV owners, but it is a complicated job best left to experts if you are unsure of the task. Shop your RV superstore for RV ceiling repair supplies or talk to experts at a trusted RV repair and maintenance center.



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