Breakdown - First Step

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What is the first thing I do if I have an break down in my RV?

Breakdown - First Step

OK, so you have a break down. The very first thing you need to do is get the vehicle off the road to a safe place and RELAX. Have a cold drink out of the fridge; take a nap if you need. Next is diagnosing the problem. Think about what happened; did the motor just quit? Will the engine crank? Did any warning lights come on first? Was it a noise that caused you to stop? Is the noise there if the RV is not moving?
Now look at the RV. If you had a noise that is only there when you are moving, check the drive line; look at the drive shaft, u-joints and tires. If the motor quit, check the oil and coolant level. Look for loose spark plug or battery wires. Remember, a motor only need fuel, spark and timing to run. Trouble shoot these three sections to find the problem. If you can't get it fixed, remember that you will at least be comfortable till help arrives.
But most of all: DON'T PANIC!



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