Waking Up Your RV After Winter Storage

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How do I wake up my RV after a winter snooze?

Waking Up Your RV After Winter Storage

If you are a warm-weather camper, there are a few things to remember when starting the season after a snooze. Whether your RV storage is indoor or out, here's what you need to remember to get going again:

  • Fill your holding tank with a 50/50 percent bleach/water solution to kill any mold or fungus that may have grown over the winter and flush with fresh water. Hook up a pressurized fresh water line and turn on all sinks, including outdoor shower, to flush out all traces of antifreeze.
  • Treat your black and grey tanks with RV tank treatment solution from your RV store.
  • Inspect your appliances. Gas appliances need to be inspected for cracked or worn hoses.
  • Inspect electrical system for corrosion and/or malfunctions. Turn on all lights, radios, and operate any electrical equipment to be sure it works.
  • Test for carbon monoxide leaks.
  • Check tire pressure and condition of tires. Be sure pressure is at the recommended level for your RV.
  • Open all doors, drawers and cabinets and check for critters who may have camped out over the winter. They probably don't want to live with you either!
  • Clean your RV inside and out with recommended cleaner from your RV store to get a good start on the season.
Remember that none of these tips can replace the need for regular maintenance during indoor or outdoor RV storage.



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