Don't Let Your RV Get a Chill! Check Temperatures and Winterize!

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Do I winterize during indoor storage?

Don't Let Your RV Get a Chill! Check Temperatures and Winterize!

Is your indoor or portable RV storage temperature controlled? If you are fortunate enough to have a temperature controlled RV garage, you may not need to winterize your RV. Monitor your RV temperature frequently. If the internal temperature falls below freezing, you will need to winterize your RV.

  • To winterize, empty and flush out your holding tanks. This will keep the water lines from freezing and bursting. Drain the fresh water tank and water heater (leave the drain plug out - do not open the safety valve - it may not seal properly).
  • Pour two to three gallons of non-toxic RV antifreeze through the plumbing. Put antifreeze in each sink, shower/bath, and stool.
  • Use a manual hand pump to push the anitfreeze through the system.
  • It is recommended to purchase a hot water heater bypass kit. This will allow you to empty your hot water heater to avoid freezing damage without using an excessive amount of antifreeze.
  • Remove the battery for winter storage. Store the battery in a warm spot but not in your living area.
Don't forget to de-winterize and do a safety check after storing your RV for long periods!



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