RV Awning Repair Part 2

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How do I care for, maintain, and repair my RV awning?

RV Awning Repair Part 2

For mobile RV awning repairs you can't avoid by cleaning and maintenance, consult your warranty for mobile RV repair coverage on your awning. If you are a do-it-yourselfer, there are materials available from your RV dealer. RV awning repair tape mends tears seamlessly and protects from further damage. For mold and mildew use recommended commercial cleaner (no oil-based or abrasive cleaners) and follow manufacturer instructions.

For more serious problems, check your RV owner's manual for replacement instructions or consult your mobile RV service center for awning repair. One word of caution: Never remove your awning end-caps. They are spring-loaded and can lead to a serious injury.



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