RV Awning Repair Part 1

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How do I care for, maintain, and repair my RV awning?

RV Awning Repair Part 1

RV awnings require maintenance to prevent mold, mildew, and damage to the fabric and hardware. When using your awning, always lower one end to allow water run-off. Keep your awning free of debris and store your awning only after it is completely dry to prevent mildew. If your RV has been stored for a while, check the fabric for stains or mildew. If you are leaving your RV site for an extended period of time, be sure to roll it up. The extra effort is worth it in the event of high winds or storm!

For hardware, give the lag screws in the awning brackets the once-over to be sure they are secure. The arm pivot holes should also be inspected for enlarged holes or broken rivets. Inspect your awning rail to see if the mounting is secure to the RV and examine your roller tube for warping. Consider purchasing an after-market awning clamp and awning de-flapper to help secure your awning from wind damage.



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