RV Hitching

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What are the basics of RV hitching?

RV Hitching

No matter what type of RV hitch you choose, there are some rules to remember when you tow a vehicle or RV. RV hitching safety includes:

  • Mirrors. You'll need large-view rear view mirrors that show the back of your vehicle and help in passing and turning. The larger the better.
  • Tire pressure. Always make sure your tow vehicle's tire pressure is correct for your vehicle and make sure trailer and tow vehicle tires are properly inflated. Keep a tire gauge handy, and know the recommended pressure for each tire.
  • The hitch itself. All hitches are made up of two parts, the drawbar and receiver. Make absolutely sure they are rated to tow the weight of your trailer. You should always buy a hitch with weight-distributing bars that help distribute some of the trailer's weight more effectively.
  • Check all the lights. Before you leave on your trip, check all your lights and connections. Make sure the brake lights come on, the running lights work, and the turn signals flash. Check these whenever you stop for gas or a rest, as the connections can sometimes get loose.
RV hitching isn't complicated, but you do need to remember the basics before you start to tow.



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