RV Towing Accessories

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Do I really need a supplemental braking system as part of my RV towing accessories?

RV Towing Accessories

One of the most important RV towing accessories is a supplemental braking system for your towed vehicle. Most states have laws requiring brakes on any towed trailer and that includes vehicles you tow behind your RV. In addition, RV brakes are designed to stop the weight of the vehicle itself, not anything towed behind it, so supplement braking systems are a necessity if you want to tow a vehicle with your RV.

There are several different types of braking systems including surge, hydraulic, air and vacuum. What you choose depends on the weight of your tow vehicle and your own preference. You can find these systems where RV towing accessories are sold. Whatever system you choose, you should make sure it's portable and can be used on any vehicle, that you don't have to modify your brake system, that it brakes your tow vehicle whenever the RV brakes are applied and that it's easy to use and install.



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