RV Car Towing

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What types of RV car towing options are available?

RV Car Towing

What's a dinghy or a toad? It's the vehicle you tow behind your motorhome so you can leave the motorhome in the campground while you go out and explore the sights. Some RVers call these vehicles dinghies, while others call them toads. Whatever you call them, chances are if you own a motorhome, you're going to get into RV car towing sooner or later.

There are several RV car towing options. You can tow the car loaded on a tow trailer, tow it on a dolly or use a tow bar to attach it to the tow vehicle.

  • Tow trailers are bulky, so they aren't the most common way to tow a toad. However, the car doesn't have to be modified to take a hitch, and there's no wear to brakes, tires, etc.
  • Tow dollies are popular with people who tow 2-wheel drive cars. The cars don't have to modified as much, and some dollies come complete with automatic steering and brakes, which you need when RV car towing.
  • Tow bars are the most common way to tow a toad. However, your vehicle will need to be modified to be towed. These types of hitches are the easiest to hitch and unhitch, too.
Choose the right RV car towing options for your motorhome and your needs, and you'll always have a toad right behind you when you need it!



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