RV Towing – Types of Hitches

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What types of RV towing hitches are available?

RV Towing – Types of Hitches

There are different types of hitches in the RV world, which provide various RV towing options. Frame hitches are used with travel trailers and many people prefer them because they offer more versatility and towing options. A frame hitch leaves truck beds open for storage and hauling, even while towing and travel trailers are usually lighter than 5th wheel trailers, so your gas mileage may be a little better when towing a trailer.

However, the 5th wheel type of RV towing hitch that connects to the bed of a truck does offer several advantages, even if you lose hauling space. The 5th wheel hitch centers the trailer's tongue over the rear axle of the truck, which adds stability and traction. Because the trailer extends over the bed of the truck, tow lengths are usually less than the length of a travel trailer, too. Many people think the 5th wheel hitches are easier to hitch and unhitch as well. So, choose your hitch to fit your needs and the type of trailer you'd like to own.



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