Check out the Details Before You Buy an RV

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Why should I take measurements of furniture when I buy an RV?

Check out the Details Before You Buy an RV

When you look at RVs to buy, don't assume that you know all the details. For example, a regular queen-size bed is 80-inches long, but in many RVs, they are often only 74-75-inches long, which can make a real difference if you are tall. All couches may not be full-sized either; sometimes they are smaller to give more room to walk around in the coach. Take measurements before you purchase RVs, to make sure you really know what you're getting.

In addition, check out the driver's and passenger seat. Many of these seats swivel for easier entrance and exit, but if the console of the coach is too close to the seats, you'll have to crawl over the console ever time you sit down or get up, even with the seats in the swivel position. Some slide-outs don't allow access to certain areas of the coach, and if you're parked where you can't open the slide-out, you may not be able to reach key areas when you need them. Look at all these details before you decide on the RV to buy.



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