Sit Down and Look Around

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How should I shop for recreational vehicles?

Sit Down and Look Around

Buying recreational vehicles isn't like buying a car. There's a lot more money and comfort at stake. Before you buy an RV, make sure you spend quite a bit of time investigating its features and comfort. For example, sit down in the RV with the slides in and out. Can you move around the RV with the slides in? Can you access all areas of the RV when the slides are closed? If not, you may be stuck if you're forced to park in an area where you can't use the slides, such as a narrow campsite.

Spend at least an hour sitting in the seats. Are they still comfortable after that amount of time? Can you easily access the passenger and driver's seats? Check out the bed too, and make sure it's big enough for you and your spouse, as well as comfortable and easily accessible. Check out storage space inside and out, as well. If you spend several hours investigating two or three RVs before you buy, you'll make sure you find the recreational vehicle that's perfect for your family.



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