Used 5th Wheel Trailers

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Should I buy a used 5th wheel trailer on eBay?

Used 5th Wheel Trailers

It makes a lot of fiscal sense to buy used 5th wheel trailers instead of new models. You can save a lot by purchasing used and you can still find all the features you're looking for by shopping online. One word of caution. If you're buying from a private party, make sure you get a written agreement before you buy. Ask how much they used the 5th wheel trailer and why they're getting rid of it, too.

Also, avoid any used 5th wheel trailers that have sat unused for more than a year. Models that sit this long can suffer from a variety of structural and component problems, from dry rot in the upholstery to wood rot, leaking ceilings and more. If you buy from a reputable local or national dealer, you should avoid most of these problems. Most dealers recommend staying away from eBay sales, since you usually can't inspect the 5th wheel before bidding.



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