What's a SURV?

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What is a SURV?

What's a SURV?

The newest addition to recreational vehicles is the Sport Utility Recreational Vehicle (SURV), also known as toy haulers. These models come in trailer or motorhome form, and they provide ample storage for all those toys you like to take with you when you camp out, like dirt bikes, ATVs and the like. Essentially, a toy hauler is an RV with its own attached garage.

When you buy a toy hauler, look for one with a vinyl or metal floor that is easy to clean. It should have tie-downs to keep your gear secure. Some even come with gas hoses so you can refill your toys right there in the garage. Many have beds that hide away in the ceiling when you're not using them, as well. You can park your toys outside and use the area for additional guests when you go camping. Toy haulers are one of the most popular, fastest growing segments of the RV market.



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