Advantages of 5th Wheel Trailers

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What are the advantages of 5th wheel trailers over standard travel trailers?

Advantages of 5th Wheel Trailers

Fifth-wheel trailers have several advantages over standard travel trailers. Because they connect to the bed of the tow vehicle, they offer more room in their design and layout. The area that connects to the bed of the truck is raised from the rest of the floorplan, offering more room for sleeping and a more open floorplan, as well. Most 5th wheel trailers offer more storage space because of this raised area, too, and they usually have bigger storage areas for fresh and waste water.

In addition, 5th wheel trailers are easier to hitch and unhitch, most of them only require one person to do the job. 5th wheel trailers are substantially more stable than traditional travel trailers, because of the truck bed hitch system that keeps the trailer steady on the road without the worry of jackknifing. 5th wheels usually have a higher ceiling with more headroom, as well, so 5th wheel trailers make more sense for a variety of reasons.



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